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January, 2020

January, 2021

Tihomir B.
Toronto, CA

From our first session/interview, I sensed a really positive energy from Susanna, and a welcoming curiosity to structure something that would work for me. I feel at ease with her, yet I feel I'm accountable to her and respect her as my coach. She has a holistic approach so it's not just about one type of conditioning or just about what we do together. I count on being able to progress routine to routine and count on being able to do things I never ever imagined possible for me. 

Month 0

Month 3

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Month 0

Month 3

Khadine S.
San Francisco, CA

It's been transformational!

I've never been a gym person but decided to try it out this year and with Susanna's training and guidance I think this is going to be a long-term part of my routine.

Susanna is super knowledgeable, organized, and takes the time to customize her training and approach for her clients.

She explains everything clearly (body motions, benefits of different motions, variations, equipment) and takes the time to understand your questions and follow-up with practices you can try at home or even articles you can read.

Lastly, I love that Susanna approaches fitness with her clients holistically - she cares about you as a whole person - and sees how fitness + diet + stress levels + sleep are all related. You're a better person overall when you train with Susanna.


August, 2020

December, 2020

Slavisa L.
Montreal, CA

My entire adult life has been paved with great intentions to start a workout routine or program to get into shape but nothing ever panned out, that’s until I was introduced to Susanna, my silver lining in the year 2020. I have always been out of shape on top of struggling with a spinal condition that would often leave me with crippling pain and my flexibility was downright terrible. Susanna has been working on me for 6 months and the results in my day to day are drastic to say the least: I can finally play with my 2 year old and carry him around with much more freedom of movement and flexibility and my wife says that I look 10 years younger just by the way I move around. 

Susanna and I had established my program goals to be mostly around flexibility, energy level, reduced stress and strength building and she has tailored all my exercises around them and has pushed me to new heights. The benefit of working with Susanna is that your workout never plateaus, your body is always pushed to new limits unlike traditional redundant gym programs.

Each session leaves me energized, alleviated and strengthened. I recommend this program to everybody and anybody who wants to reconnect with their body and mind.

October, 2020

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January, 2021

Evelyn Yu
San Francisco, CA

Before I started the training, I wasn’t even able to do one modified pushups on my knee. I have improved from not a single modified pushup to a couple of full pushups (I am still working on to get my arms to 90 degrees). Aside from my main goal to get perfect pushup, we have been working on different side goals from flexibility to core strength in our yoga section. I never thought I would be able to achieve all the cool postures I saw others did in group class. I have conquered bird of paradise. Can’t wait to see what the next challenge will be!

January, 2021


February, 2021

Katherine K.
Alameda, CA

I can touch my toes! When I stretch before rowing, I notice I can touch my toes cold. Also, my back doesn’t hurt. I haven’t had back pain in a long time.


Alfredo A. 
Oakland, CA

I have been practicing yoga on and off for about 8 years, and in that time I have been fortunate to have had some wonderful teachers, but Susanna has been head and shoulders above them all. She is always present, engaging and its obvious she really cares about the advancement of my practice, she is clear with her instructions, gracious in her demeanor, and she brings a very cool and calming vibe that really draws people to her. At the end of my sessions with her I always leave feeling confident and inspired physically and mentally.


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