Meet Susanna

Who is Susanna McDonald?

Raised in Upstate, NY 

Princeton University Graduate

Model for Vogue Italia

Yoga Teacher

College Cheerleader

Ex-Goldman Sachs

Traveled to 18 countries

Personal Trainer

Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

Think of me like your virtual best friend. I listen to what you need, help you design your goals, craft a program to get you to your goals, and hold you accountable to your word. I'm here to rejoice with you in the wins and keep your health and fitness journey on track. 



  • Certified Personal Trainer: National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • 200 HR Vinyasa Yoga: Yoga to the People

  • 100 HR Traditional Hot Yoga: Hot on Yoga

  • Animal Flow Level 1 

  • CPR & AED

Training Principles

1. Self-respect begins with the body. 

2. Listen to your body. 

3. Do everything to the best of your ability. 

4. Do everything as you're ready. 

5. Let it be hard.

6. Prioritize the good over the perfect. 

7. Honor your need to rest.

Get in Touch

Location. San Francisco, CA 94110


Phone. 415 - 494 - 9651


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