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Here are a few clients who are already living their dreams 


Susanna is an amazing personal trainer! I can’t believe it’s already been 3 years. When we first started working together, I was looking for a low-impact exercise that would help me stay active while we were all sheltering in place. Susanna introduced me to the world of yoga, and I fell in love with it. As someone who historically suffered from dull back pain due to tight muscles and a weak core, I have learned a number of stretches/exercises that have become a baseline for my life. It's strange to think that I always had back pain, since I don't experience it anymore.


Over the last three years, my life has been incredibly busy and somewhat transitory. I planned a wedding, changed jobs, completed an MBA, and moved twice. Despite all of these changes, Susanna has been a constant in my life. The Zoom format has allowed me to maintain a consistent workout schedule, despite all that life threw at me.


One of the things that I appreciate most about Susanna is her ability to adapt our workouts to fit my changing needs and goals. While we started with yoga-based training, we have since transitioned to strength training. Susanna's workout format is challenging yet approachable, and she always pushes me to accomplish levels and styles of weight training that I never thought were possible. I am so grateful for her guidance and support over the past three years, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer who truly cares about their clients' well-being.


Tess M. 
Park City, Utah

Age: 33

Initial Training Reason: Wedding 

Program: Strength + Nutrition

Frequency: 2x Weekly

Time with TWS: 3 years +

Susanna and I have trained together for over three years (wow!). Susanna is brilliant, kind, and so much fun to train with. Susanna personalizes programming for all seasons of my life. She kept me moving during the pandemic, helped me feel and look my best for my wedding, navigated multiple injuries and extensive travel, and is now adapting my fitness to prepare for my first child! 


She pushes me to accomplish levels and styles of weight training I never thought were possible. Who knew I could do handstand pushups!? I've learned an incredible amount about the body, form, and progressive training. She's a lifelong learner and is continuously experimenting with new programming. She has also expanded the scope of our sessions over time to incorporate elements of nutrition, rest, and spiritual wellness. 


I cannot recommend Susanna enough as a personal trainer and wellness coach. She has become an important rock in my life. I'm grateful for her wisdom and guidance! 


Evelyn Y. 
Sammamish, WA

Age: 33

Initial Training Reason: Wedding 

Program: Yoga + Strength

Frequency: 2x Weekly

Time with TWS: 3.5years +

I have been training with Susanna for a little over 3.5 years now (wow, time flies!). We first started training before my wedding, with the goal to tone my upper body (shoulder and upper arms) for the wedding gown. After that, we went through different milestones together. Shortly after my wedding, covid hit (hello, do people still remember it?), and our weekly session was what kept me sane during the lock-down. We continued our focus on upper body strength, and later expanded/switched to different areas such as balance or flexibility, depending on what I wanted at the time. 


When things started to open up again, the focus changed to a bit more on "weight loss”, as I gained some during the lock-down. So we started to add nutrition and healthier habits into the session. We also discussed about body image in the session too. I lost a couple pounds, but I think the best thing that Susanna gave me during that time was enabling me to change how I view myself (note to folks who are really looking for weight loss - don't worry, Susanna definitely can still help you!). I am now 30-weeks pregnant, and we have been focusing on staying active and feeling empowered to exercise in a safe way during the pregnancy. 


Some wins I have gathered throughout the years:


- Being able to do full push-ups.

- Crow posture for my yoga practice.

- Deadlift. From did not know how to do it at all to 38 lbs; and yes, I am still doing it today at 30-week pregnancy - but we do it safely with adjustment! 

- Learning different nutrition knowledge.

- Achieving different goals outside sessions (e.g., one of my current goal outside the session is to maintain certain steps per day).


In short, I think the beauty of training with Susanna is the personalization you get that fits your needs at that time. It's your program and it feels good to know that you have a professional trainer to help you achieve your goals. 

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 8.34.39 PM.png

Khadine S. 
San Francisco, CA

Age: 33

Initial Training Reason: Feel comfortable at the gym

Program: Strength

Frequency: 2x Weekly

Time with TWS: 1 year

It's been transformational!


Susanna is super knowledgeable, organized, and takes the time to customize her training and approach for her clients.


She explains everything clearly (body motions, benefits of different motions, variations, equipment) and takes the time to understand your questions and follow-up with practices you can try at home or even articles you can read.


Lastly, I love that Susanna approaches fitness with her clients holistically - she cares about you as a whole person - and sees how fitness + diet + stress levels + sleep are all related. You're a better person overall when you Train with Susanna.

Follow me on Instagram @trainwithsusanna for weekly inspiration and tips for your wellness journey. I talk yoga, strength, nutrition, and mindset. Winston, aka best puppy ever, likes to join us there. Plus, I share a bit about my life, like the music and travel I'm into. 


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