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For remote female professionals.

Hi, I'm Susanna.

I'm a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. 

  • ​I know what it is to deprioritize your well-being on behalf of your career goals. 

  • I've woken up 4:30AM for my job at Goldman Sachs, and worked 14+ hour days. 

  • I've been stiff from studying for hours at Princeton and in my MBA program. 

  • ​I had a unhealthy relationship with food when I was fashion model in NYC. 

  • These experiences taught me that putting your wellbeing on the back burner doesn't work.

  • I've spent the past five years becoming a holistic wellness expert.   

  • I founded TWS to save women time on their wellness journeys. 

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Meet: Train With Susanna

Wellness coaching for female remote workers:

  • age 25-45

  • who've hit their career stride

  • but haven’t prioritized their wellness like they’ve prioritized their work

  • and want to fix that

  • but don’t have the time or energy to navigate a wellness journey solo

  • and want to accelerate their results with an experienced wellness coach 

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TWS specializes in movement and nutrition 

But all of our coaching is holistic. 


First, you decide what you want to learn.

We teach 4 skills:

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Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 2.18.01 AM.png


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You can learn 1, 2, 3 or all 4. 

Then, you choose your weekly training frequency 





Our clients tend to train with us for 1yr+ 

But you can test us out in your first 12 week package 

Private Coaching Packages 

The Tune Up

  • 1x Movement or Nutrition

  • Meets 1x weekly for 12 weeks for $1,500.

The Body Work

  • 1x Movement & 1x Nutrition

  • Meets 2x weekly for 12 weeks for $3,000.

The Holistic

  • 2x Movement & 1x Nutrition 

  • Meets 3x weekly for 12 weeks for $4,500.

The Transformation

  • 1x Yoga, 1x Strength, 1x Rowing & 1x Nutrition 

  • Meets 4x weekly for 12 weeks for $6,000.





You'll love your results


  • Become proficient enough to confidently take a group class. 

  • Learn how to develop a home yoga practice.

  • Learn how to sequence your own yoga flows. 

  • Learn how to link breath to movement. 

  • Learn how to scale up/scale down your yoga practice, depending on your energy and your body’s ability. 

  • Learn how to stretch specific areas of your body in depth: shoulders, spine, hip flexors, hamstrings, internal hips, and external hips. 

  • Learn the language of yoga via:

    • Words: foundational postures

    • Phrases: 2 postures linked 

    • Sentences: 3+ postures linked 

    • Paragraphs: 5+ postures linked 

    • Stream of consciousness: Whimsical flows with interesting transitions.


  • Walk on to a gym floor feeling confident and knowledgeable. 

  • Gain enough lifting experience to comfortably take a group strength class.

  • Learn how to program a strength routine for yourself.

  • Learn the 3 lifts of powerlifting: the squat, deadlift, and bench press. 

  • Lean the 7 movement patterns: knee dominant, hip dominant, horizontal push, horizontal pull, vertical push, vertical pull, and core. 

  • Learn how to move in 3 planes: forward/backward, sideways, rotationally. 

  • Learn how to train your core in an effective and balanced way via anti-training: anti-flexion, anti-extension, anti-lateral flexion, anti-rotation. 

  • Learn how to train specific body parts: shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, glutes, core and back.


  • Learn to think of food on a continuum: eat some, eat more, eat less. 

  • Learn to record your food intake to improve caloric and macro awareness. 

  • Learn to eat a wide variety of mostly whole, less-processed foods. 

  • Learn to measure portion sizes with your hands.  

  • Learn to practice good sleep hygiene to improve decision making. 

  • Learn to make eating an event by sitting down, being in a relaxed setting and eliminating distractions. 

  • Learn to eat lean protein at most meals. 

  • Learn to drink mostly non-caloric beverages. 

  • Learn to eat slowly to 80% full. 

  • Develop an evidence-based approach to nutrition where your life is the laboratory and you run experiments that guide your decision making. 

Holistic Wellness 

  • Learn the power and practice of self-reflection. 

  • Learn how to make the smallest change possible that will move the needle that you're willing to try. 

  • Learn to confidence test behavioral changes to set yourself up for a high likelihood of completion. 

  • Develop strategy around behavioral change by looking at your advantages, your perceived challenges, and how you might overcome those challenges. 

  • Learn various holistic wellness models to view one's self completely: 

    • PET: ​Physically, Emotionally, Thought Space  

    • MNR: Movement, Nutrition, Regeneration

    • 360 Review: Look back with pride. Look to today with excitement. Look forward with confidence. 

    • Wellness Wheel: Physical, Financial, Environmental, Emotional, Nutritional, Mental, Relational, Sexual, Existential, Occupational

    • Self-compassion Framework: Mindfulness, Common Humanity, Self-kindness.

  • Reflect on where you'd like to be a year from now, and habitually benchmark yourself to that point. 

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Our trainers are elite





Next Level 

Meet our training staff

Coach Susanna

  • Yoga  

  • Strength

  • Nutrition

DSCF3038 (2).jpeg

Coach Luke 

  • Rowing 

Luke L.png

Our Training Philosophies

Your mindset will determine your outcome.              

If you look for excuses, you'll find them.  

Incremental change is long lasting. 

Our Client Approach

We believe you're an expert in your own experience. 

We support your natural tendency towards growth. 

We are here to provide structure, skills, and a nurturing environment. 

Why female remote workers love training online 

Private: You aren't discussing your body insecurities next to randoms.              

Convenient: You don't have to brave the weather or waste time with a commute to connect with your coach. 

Adaptable: Your training plan is made custom for you, which means it will change to meet your life changes (babies, new equipment, new goals). 

Accessible: When you take a work trip or a holiday, your virtual training travels with you.

Let's hear from some clients 

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 12.29.35 AM.png

Taylor D. “It’s distinctly tailored, which helps you build a strong foundation through manageable, sustainable actions. The program's holistic approach extends across physical training, nutritional guidance, and overall wellness.”


Katherine K. “Susanna's workout format is challenging yet approachable, and she always pushes me to accomplish levels and styles of weight training that I never thought were possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer who truly cares about their clients' well-being."


Tess M. “TWS kept me moving during the pandemic, helped me feel and look my best for my wedding, navigated multiple injuries and extensive travel, and is now adapting my fitness to prepare for my first child!” 


Evelyn Y. “From flexibility to core strength in our yoga section. I never thought I would be able to achieve all the cool postures I saw others did in group class.”

Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 12.40.02 AM.png

Khadine S. "“I love that TWS approaches fitness with clients holistically - they care about you as a whole person - and sees how fitness + diet + stress levels + sleep are all related. You're a better person overall when you Train with Susanna.”


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Follow us on Instagram @trainwithsusanna for weekly inspiration and tips for your wellness journey. We'll talk yoga, strength, nutrition, and mindset. Winston, aka best puppy ever, likes to join us there. Plus, I share a bit about my life, like the music and travel I'm into. 


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