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Hi, I'm Susanna.

I'm a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. 

  • ​I know what it is to deprioritize your well-being on behalf of your career goals. 

  • I've woken up 4:30AM for my job at Goldman Sachs, and worked 14+ hour days. 

  • I've been stiff and in pain from studying for hours at Princeton and in my MBA program. 

  • ​I had an unhealthy relationship with food when cut weight as fashion model in NYC. 

  • These experiences taught me that putting your wellbeing on the back burner doesn't work.

  • I've spent the past six years becoming a holistic wellness expert.   

  • I founded TWS to make wellness easy for female workaholics. 

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Meet: Train With Susanna

Virtual personal training for women:

  • who've hit their career stride

  • but haven’t prioritized their wellness like they’ve prioritized their work

  • and want to fix that

  • but don’t have the time or energy to navigate a wellness journey solo

  • and want to accelerate their results with an experienced coach 

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Let's hear from some clients 

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“I love that TWS approaches fitness with clients holistically. She cares about you as a whole person - and sees how fitness + diet + stress levels + sleep are all related. You're a better person overall when you Train with Susanna.”


Khadine S.


“TWS kept me moving during the pandemic, helped me feel and look my best for my wedding, navigated multiple injuries and extensive travel, and is now adapting my fitness to prepare for my first child!”


 Tess M.


From flexibility to core strength in our yoga section. I never thought I would be able to achieve all the cool postures I saw others did in the group class.”


Evelyn Y.

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Follow me on Instagram @trainwithsusanna for weekly inspiration and tips for your wellness journey. I talk yoga, strength, nutrition, and mindset. Winston, aka best puppy ever, likes to join us there. Plus, I share a bit about my life, like the music and travel I'm into. 


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